The Derailment of the Usual

Hématomes Éditions


A project by Paul Devens, edited by Eline Kersten.

Authors: Paul Devens, Eline Kersten, Niamh Mcdonnell, Melle Jan Kromhout, Brandon Labelle, Caroline Claus, Raviv Ganchrow, Peter Kiefer.

In this publication, various essays can be found that cover the spectrum of aspects that are applicable to sound, space, history and human behaviour, as well as how these can be understood within our culture. As the title suggests, The Derailment of the Usual aims to destabilise normality. Deregulation and disruption are used to make the reality behind the façade audible.
The Derailment of the Usual invites us to enter into the dialogue about sound being anchored in a social, activist and political reality, and, above all, challenges us to look and listen with an open mind to the things we usually take no notice of and take for granted.


ISBN: 978-2-9602558-9-8


128 black & white pages
165 × 240 mm

Preface — Paul Devens


Any derailment of the usual potentially reveals perspectives that allow us to look at our surrounding reality with new eyes. When we leave the beaten track, we need to navigate again, examine positions and question qualities. Art has this ability to pave the way for us in order to experience a shift in attitudes and positions. In the essay The Destructive Character Dick Raaijmakers shows that through catharsis, destruction or explosion, room can be made because something disappears. That could, for example, be the established order moving away, allowing something else to come into being. The established is not only a feature of our environment— past or present— it lives also within ourselves in the form of conventions and biases that disallow for a sharper, broader vision.